Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Into Everything???

Well, I'll give you one good guess...............................................................................
That's right, it's John Mac!

Not long after we first brought him home I realized that boys really are different from girls even as early as a few weeks old.  He was always so content and happy, so loving and sweet.  Not to say that the girls were not loving and sweet, but it seemed different.  My girls were high maintenance from the start, but not John Mac.  The girls would be curious and test their limits, but oh my, nothing could have prepared me for the curiousness and mischief of our little man.  He's so technical and wants to know how everything works.  He is into everything; the cabinets, the outlets, the drawers, the toilets, the computers, telephones, and remotes. Every door in every room has to stay closed around here.  Never did I put a safety latch on all the cabinets with the girls, we used rubber bands here and there, but once we told them a few times "No" they got the idea.  Well, not JM; he knows what the word means, but he's not apt to consider it very often.  He looks at you with that sweet precious face and just smiles.  He has started hitting too and when you say, "no hitting, be gentle"  he tunes up to cry.  Even if you just say, "be gentle".  It's really funny.
     Well, yesterday I was in the kitchen starting lunch and I turned around to find him sitting at the kitchen table in one of the big chairs, I thought, how cute and went to grab the camera.  I took a few pictures and when I took the camera back to put it away and then headed back to the kitchen, guess what I found; he was sitting on the table.  I could not believe it.  Once he learned how to do it, he did it over and over again, no matter how many times I said No, or he got his head stuck between the chair and table, and even once the chair turned over backwards with him in it.  He didn't care, I even popped his leg a time or two and still nothing.  I was gone most of the day today and the babysitter was here for part of the day and Daniel was here for the rest.  Daniel said he did it while he was here and then he did it twice while I was home.  I've never seen latches that hold chairs to the table, maybe I will have to invent something!
     Tuesday night while I was cleaning up the supper dishes, Daniel started the bath for Amelia and John Mac.  He got Amelia in and then had to go to the other room for a minute, he closed the bathroom door so John Mac couldn't get in.  Well, I heard JM knocking on the bathroom door and I thought Daniel had forgotten that they were getting a bath together, so I opened the door and he told me he was coming to put him in.  Well, I got back to the kitchen and before Daniel could get to the bathroom Amelia was yelling that JM had gotten in all by himself with his clothes on, too funny!  It couldn't have been more that 10-15 seconds.
      I wish I had pictures of all the things he's gotten into, but here are a few fun pictures to enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

     Our little community where we live puts on a fairly big July 4th celebration.  This year was no exception.  We usually have the celebration on July 4th, but since it fell on Sunday this year we celebrated on July 3rd.  It always starts out with an all you can eat pancake and sausage breakfast held at our church.  This year we had just moved into our newly constructed fellowship hall, so there was lots of room for everyone.  We then have a parade at 10am.  Sometimes we participate in the parade and sometimes we just watch.  This year we just watched at my parent's house.  Then we head over to the ball fields down the road where there's live music, food, and fun for the kids.  After that we go home and get ready for a party at our house to watch the fireworks.  From our house you can see the fireworks display really well, so we always have about 20-25 people over and make homemade ice cream and watch the fireworks.  This year we made peach, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream.  It was a great day and a super way to celebrate our Country's Birthday!

The Plate I made at the local Pottery Place!