Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's Officially a Big Boy!!!

     Well, he no longer looks like a baby or a little girl as he got called a lot!  He got his big boy haircut this afternoon, but not without shedding some tears first.  He just did not understand what was happening to him even though he had been there before for the others of us to get our hair cut.  Once he knew he was not being hurt he calmed down and began to enjoy it.  It is just too cute!!!  Thanks Mrs. Chrissy!  After the haircut we went to the grocery store and then to Jersey Mike's for John Mac's birthday dinner since we missed going out last on his actual birthday because of the flu.  We are all better now and I hope it stays that way!

"This is my hair before."

 "What's happening to me?"

 "I don't like this Daddy!"
 "Mama, stop holding me so tight!"

 "I'm better now, this isn't so bad."

 "I'm ready for my sucker now."

 "Thanks Mrs. Chrissy, I like my new haircut!"

 "Am I cute or what?"

 Mama needs to clean some ears out!

Happy HEART Day


     Our day was fairly normal with the usual hustle and bustle of a Monday morning.  When we all returned home from our days we had a little gift for each of the kids to open.  We always buy them a book on Valentine's Day, but I ordered them online this year and there not suppose to be here until today, so I had a few crafty things set aside for them and wrapped them up.  Daniel was still not feeling the best in the world plus he had a meeting that he could not get out of at 7pm, so the kids and I met my parents, my brother, and niece at Golden Corral for dinner.  We had a nice evening and a Happy  Heart Day!

T-Shirts I made for the girls!

My Valentine Plate

Saturday, February 12, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Our Precious Little Boy!!!

     Thursday the 10th was John Mac's 2nd birthday and because we have the flu and the stomach virus in our house at the same time I have not been on the computer much.  Thankfully John Mac really didn't realize it was his birthday, so all the the plans we had for Thursday are now shifted to at least Tuesday of next week unless we are still sick.  Daniel came home early from work on Wednesday not feeling well and during the night on Wednesday I started with the stomach stuff, that was no fun.  We woke up Thursday morning to a little snow, so schools were delayed 2 hours.  We took Edi to my brother's house Thursday morning for him to take her to school, we then took Amelia to preschool and John Mac to the babysitter, we then headed to the Urgent Care where Amber works and were both diagnosed with the Flu.  They put all of us except John Mac on Tamiflu hoping that the younger ones would not get it.  This morning Amelia threw-up in my dad's car when they were on their way to pick up hay for the donkeys.  He promptly turned around and brought her home. Edi has been gone for most of the weekend at a friend's house and now to my brother's so I'm hoping we will avoid it.  John Mac's gifts from us were a little big in size, but we had all intentions of having the train table put together and the scooter wrapped, but neither happened.  So we covered them both with a blanket and let him figure it out, he thought it was fun.  We were suppose to go out to dinner and to get his big boy haircut, but like I said it will have to wait.  I still can't believe he's 2!!!

Waking up to the "Happy Birthday" Song!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Funday Sunday

     Well, yesterday was not too different than many other Sundays for our house, but we did do some fun things, so I thought I'd share.  We started our day with Sunday School and Church, but this Sunday we started something new before going to our SS class, we now have an assembly for about 15-20 minutes before SS starts on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Daniel was asked to help lead the music by playing the guitar, he is helping the only other "Annice" I know, but she spells her name, "Annis". Funny. right?  Anyway, they did a great job!  After SS and a great sermon about Love we were treated to a Souper Bowl lunch by our PYC Kids (Presbyterian Youth Connection).  The proceeds will help them go on a retreat this spring.  Once we got home we had some straighten up the house time and then put John Mac down for a nap.  Edi requested a family game of LIFE, so we played that together(gracious, that's a long game!).  Once John Mac woke up from his nap we decided spend a little time outside since it was nice out.  It was a little cool, but still we were able to enjoy some sunshine without the rain of late.  John Mac enjoyed his tractor and the girls worked on their bike riding.  We just do not have a great place to ride bikes, lots of  grass and no concrete and no subdivision.  After that we went in to get baths and Daniel decided that he wanted to cook on the grill for dinner instead of what I had planned and when the word steaks was mentioned, I was all in.  So he went to the store while I gave the kids a bath.  Edi usually takes a shower and Amelia has even started taking a shower with her, but when I mentioned a bubble bath they all wanted in the tub.  After about 10 minutes in the tub the girls started screaming that John Mac had pooped in the tub; Oh No, Super Gross!!!!  I put a towel on the floor and got them out and made them stand their in the cold until I could clean and drain the tub; and after a little gagging, new water, and new bubbles they were back to playing like it had never happened.  Really Gross!  After a great dinner, we got ready to watch the Super Bowl which we had paused while we ate.  John Mac was down around 7:30pm, Amelia fell asleep on the couch about 8:30pm and Edi headed to bed after the halftime show.  I clipped coupons and made my grocery list during the second half and was pleased when the Packers won.  We are not big football fans and I usually choose the underdog to pull for when it's not the Panthers, so it was nice to pull for a winning team.  I could not wait until later this week to watch the new Glee that came on after the Super Bowl, so I watched it last night and got to bed later than I had hoped.  But that's ok, it was a great day with my family and Glee was really good!  Love My Family and that Show!
 Amelia's Preschool Class got the Attendance Award for February.  They have 3 regulars in her class.