Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it Snow and Snow and Snow!

     Wow!  Did we get some winter weather or what?  I think it pretty much covered of of NC.  When I went to bed a little before 10pm on Christmas night it was not snowing.  When I awoke a little before 7am and looked outside the ground was covered, we already had at least 8 inches and throughout the day in continued to snow and we got about another 2 inches.  It was so fluffy and white, no ice.  I just love snow and how it makes everything look so clean and fresh, it even makes the air smells fresh.  God's wonders are amazing and snow to me is one of his great wonders.  It was still snowing here pretty good until mid afternoon, so we decided to stay in until then.  Around 3pm the girls and I were picked up by my parent's to head down to our sledding hill by the pond with my brother and niece.  We had a great time.  John Mac was feeling a little under the weather, so we decided he should stay home with Daniel.  On Monday John Mac was feeling better, so we all headed out to go sledding.  It was so much fun.  And of course we've had multiple bowls of snow cream over the past few days.

                    John Mac fell asleep in the chair with me Sunday morning while we watched the snow

 Yummy Snow Cream!

 John Mac's transportation back up the sledding hill, he loved it!

 Tired little ones!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Sew" Fun Gifts

     This year I decided to do a little sewing.  Edi's Granny got her a sewing machine a while back and we've been playing around with it a little.  For our church bazaar back in November we made some Boo Boo Bags and Soothie Bags to sell.  They are really cute, to see them check out my craft website, Annie Mac Creations.  I've also been playing around with making the kids some shirts.  So this Christmas I made them all matching shirts and I made some shirts for some of the cousins and dishtowels for gifts for teachers and family.  I have really enjoyed sewing and plan on doing a lot more.  My mother-in-law got me a Cricut for Christmas and I'm starting to learn a little about it as well.  I'm hoping I can get it to cut fabric, I tried the other night and it worked pretty good, but I have to do some more research and playing around with it to figure out all it's ins and outs.  Here are a few of the things I did over the holidays.

Snow Pictures Coming Soon!

    We woke up to about 8 inches of snow yesterday morning and got a couple more over the course of the day.  We've enjoyed lots of sledding and fun.  Pictures Coming Soon!

Christmas Memories

     What a wonderful Christmas!  It was so full of precious memories and so much laughter.  I love to hear my children laugh, it has to be one of my greatest joys.  Christmas Eve morning started early with Breakfast at Daniel's parent's with his Dad's family.  There is always plenty of food and lots of special time together.  Christmas Eve is also Daniel's Mom's birthday, so we try and celebrate it just as merrily as we celebrate Christmas.  After breakfast we headed home for a few hours before heading over to my Aunt Jean's house for my Mom's family get together.  We always have such a great time together and this year we had a new addition, my cousin Sarah's little boy, Hudson.  After we left there it was of course time for bed in anticipation of our chubby, red suited visitor.  The girls were so excited and got their PJs on right away so they could help fix Santa's snack and write him a little note.
     Christmas morning came early.  Daniel was up by 5:30am because he was so excited, I was up at 6:15am and the girls got up a little before7am, we of course had to wake up John Mac.  We enjoyed our gifts from Santa and from each other before Daniel's parent's and Amber arrived at 8:30am.  We opened our presents from them and enjoyed our traditional Christmas morning breakfast that Granny brings of eggs and sausage scrambled together, which make the best sandwiches ever.  Around 10:30am we headed over to my parent's for our gift exchange with them.  It was a wonderful Christmas! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

Christmas Eve Morning with Granddaddy's Family

Blueberries are Yummy!

Christmas Eve Night with Mama's Family

 My Family

 All the Great Grandchildren except Amber

Christmas Morning at Our House

 Amelia with her Picture that Edi painted for her

Christmas Morning at my Parent's House

 Caroline with her picture at Amelia painted for her
 Very Unhappy, can't remember why!
 The Girls's Reading about their Gift from Mommy Jane and Daddy Dent: 
Trip to Williamsburg, VA to Great Wolf Lodge, Busch Gardens, and Historic Williamsburg

Favorite Presents

Edi: Digital Camera from Santa, MP3 Player from G&G, Polly Pockets from Amber, and Trip from MJ&DD
Amelia:  Penbo the Penguin from Santa, Dora Doll from G&G, Chalk Board from Amber, and Trip from MJ&DD
John Mac:  Tonka Garage & Legos from Santa, Fire House from G&G, Tool Set from Amber, and Trip from MJ&DD

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Without the Reason for the Season we would not have all these Precious Memories!